Setting up European and national co-financing projects

Project development services

We offer services for putting together European proposals – LIFE, Horizon Europe (EE, EIC), CEF, UIA, Interreg or national proposals (PIA, ADEME, etc.):

– drafting the project concept
search for partners in Europe
– drafting proposals in accordance with the formal requirements and evaluation criteria of each programme
– drawing up budgets
– administrative support

The format is specific to each project, as are the evaluation criteria. For these services, we form multidisciplinary teams with our partners to cover all areas. We have a high success rate in the bids we put together. The financing obtained for our customers exceeds EUR 50 million.

Once the project has been won, we are in a position to coordinate it.

CEF – MIE Programme : Grand Port Maritime de Bordeaux

Rail2Bordeaux: renovation of the rail tracks for goods between the port of Bordeaux and its hinterland (financed)
Rail2Port: setting up a rail link between the seaport of Le Verdon and the dry port of Bruges

Transfesa: Reefers: refrigerated rail freight transport between northern Spain and the Netherlands (funded project)

Interreg Europe
– Empower project: Assembly of the City of Lorient’s participation

Interreg France Switzerland
– Bi O Rhône: Knowledge of the fish biomass and its variations in the context of sediment management operations on the upper Rhône of hydroelectric dams located in Switzerland and France (funded project)

Horizon 2020 SCC1
Green Beam: Setting up Toulouse Métropole’s response to a Smart Cities and Communities project and leading the local consortium

Finding financing for companies

In recognition of the fact that SMEs are growing more slowly than their US counterparts, Europe has created the EIC (European Innovation Council) programme – formerly known as the SME Instrument. This programme provides co-financing for innovative companies with very high growth potential and a need for cash.

The 2023 budgets are EUR 613M for EIC Open, open to all themes, and EUR 524.7M for EIC Accelerator challenges on pre-defined themes.

EIC Accelerator allows to obtain: 

  • a grant of between EUR 0.5 and 2.5 M representing 70% of costs
  • A stake of up to EUR 15 million from the EIC fund in strategic deep-tech activities for Europe. The EIC fund withdraws after the company takes off independently

All SMEs can apply in 3 phases:

  1. Short continuous application: a 3′ video clip, 6 slides and answer to a questionnaire. Answer within 4 weeks.
  2. If selected, the company sets up a full application on one of the 3 dates of the year
  3. The company is invited to present its project to the EIC jury.

MT Partenaires Ingénierie helps companies put together their applications. We help SMEs to structure their projects, make growth projections, carry out market research, devise a marketing strategy in Europe and worldwide and, lastly, produce videos, presentations and write answers to questionnaires and application files.

  • SME Instrument phase 2: Cypres project: Safety in industrial automation presented by FPC Conseil and Netceler
  • SME Instrument phase 1: Cactus project presented by Automatique & Industrie