Greenhouse gas emissions balance

What is a greenhouse gas emissions balance?

A greenhouse gas emissions balance (BeGES) is a regulatory requirement for some local authorities and organisations, and a voluntary initiative for others. The BeGES consists of an assessment of the volume of greenhouse gases produced, directly or indirectly, by the activities carried out by an organisation over the course of a year.

MT Partenaires Ingénierie has helped a wide variety of organisations (local authorities, businesses, institutions, events, etc.) to carry out their BeGES and draw up their transition plan. Over 200 GHG assessments have been carried out over the years.

Our company also builds specific calculation tools tailored to customers’ needs (for example, for extensive built assets, in the water industry, etc.).

Examples of recent references

Ministry of Finance, Recovery and the Economy: production of GHG emission balances for the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) and its 135 directorates. Coordination of the consortium of 5 companies responsible for the departmental assessments and mobility plans. 

City et Conurbation of Agen: production of GHG emission balances for assets and competencies 

City and Conurbation of Montauban

City of Lyon 

City of Cenon 

City of Mamoudzou 

City of Périgueux