Speech at the European Conference on Energy Transition

SAVE THE DATE: 18th January 2021
H2020 CoME EASY project, synchronisation between EEA Cit'ergie, Covenant of Mayors and others, for the energy transition

Local authorities wishing to join several initiatives at European level (such as the Covenant of Mayors, Smart Cities, EEACit’ergie, etc.) are obliged to submit regular reports to each of them. There are also national obligations, such as the PCAET. Developed in 7 European countries on the basis of the EEA Cit’ergie, the CoME EASY project aims to simplify data collection, reporting and support for the various initiatives. The partners in France are ADEME and MT Partenaires Ingénierie, with the participation of 8 local authorities.

Local authorities will find scenario simulation tools, a wealth of best practice from several European countries and, more generally, a framework for exchanging and co-constructing mitigation and adaptation plans in relation to climate change.

Two French local authorities, the Communauté urbaine de Dunkerque and Brest Métropole, will discuss the needs and difficulties encountered and propose solutions.