The necessity of a good energy management

Good energy management is essential for any organisation, especially those wishing to reduce their energy consumption. But why implement energy management? 

Understand the consumptions

There are many ways to save energy on a site or in an organisation. By identifying the items that consume the most energy, it is possible to judiciously prioritise the actions that will enable maximum savings to be made. As the biggest consumers are not always the ones you think, it is advisable to assess the breakdown of consumption by use.

Estimating the benefits of an energy-saving measure

With a view to continuous improvement or profitability, it is essential to assess the return on investment of energy performance actions in order to identify those that are the most profitable and therefore reproducible. Energy management therefore involves measurement and verification (M&V).

This verification operation can sometimes be complex, as it requires consumption to be modelled before the action is deployed.

Several methodologies for calculating gains, based on standards and protocols such as IPMVP or ISO 50015, are used as references for estimating the savings generated.

Detecting deviations in consumption to ensure effective energy management

All systems, whatever their nature, are naturally prone to drift (clogging, change of perimeter, etc.), which leads to over-consumption. Energy management allows us to ensure that equipment is operating normally and to take action only when necessary to maintain its energy performance.

The more data is collected in real time, the faster corrective action is taken.

Threshold alert systems automate analyses and alert the people concerned directly via the energy management tool.

Raising awareness of energy management

Just as you can’t ask drivers to limit their speed without a dashboard, you can’t ask site occupants to limit their consumption without energy management indicators.

The behaviour of the people working in an organisation has a significant impact on energy, and it is essential to provide them with a dashboard of their consumption so that they can understand the impact of their actions.