About us

Our values

Since its creation in 2007, MT Partenaires ingénierie has placed its customers at the heart of its concerns.  

  • Professionalism of our staff
  • Independence, loyalty, integrity and ethics
  • Intellectual honesty and a duty to advise, without dogmatism or bias
  • Global systemic thinking that enables coherent approaches


Social and Environmental Responsibility

Sustainable development is an integral part of the company’s decision-making process. Recruitment is based on competence. In addition, the company ensures that all employees are treated equally and that their individual freedoms are preserved. 

Our environmental approach


We have adopted all the eco-responsible approaches: organic and local products and food, produced fairly and/or using recycled materials. Waste is sorted and recycled, water is saved and our electricity supply is ‘green’ energy with a certificate of origin. 

Digital sobriety 

We buy reconditioned computers and apply the precepts of sobriety in our electronic communications.


Our transport policy is called « BTT: bicycle – tram – train ».

It favours soft transport and strongly limits air travel. Information technologies are used to limit travel (for example, encouraging teleworking before it takes off).

Our emissions do not exceed 5 to 10 tonnes of CO2 eq. per year, depending on our travel. We have stopped offsetting our emissions because we think it’s ridiculous to show ‘good behaviour’ for 100 euros.

Support for eco-responsible initiatives

We have been sponsors of the Traversée de Bordeaux à la Nage since 2008, taking charge of the GHG strategy. We also award the

“MT Partenaires Ingénierie eco-participant prize”

based on a questionnaire to participants. The most virtuous and joyful approach wins!



Our added value

MT Partenaires ingénierie offers a wide range of expertise and skills in climate-air-energy issues, backed up by extensive experience in its areas of activity:

Technical and engineering competencies

Climate adaptation and mitigation

Consultation et animation


Public poicies

Financial instruments

Over 25 years' experience

Our partners



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