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We are partners in European projects (Horizon 2020, Life)


We also carry out evaluations of proposals in response to calls for projects launched by the European Commission and monitor ongoing projects as an expert evaluator and monitor, which means we are familiar with the evaluation criteria.

We offer services for putting together European or national proposals:

  • drafting the project concept
  • search for partners in Europe
  • drafting proposals in accordance with the formal requirements and evaluation criteria of each programme
  • drawing up budgets
    administrative support

We have a high success rate in bids for the LIFE, Horizon Europe (EE, EIC), CEF, UIA, Interreg and …. programmes. The funding obtained for our customers exceeds EUR 50M.

Once the project has been won, we are able to coordinate it.

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Local authorities and businesses are looking for finance to carry out their projects. There are many financial instruments available, often unfamiliar and sometimes complex.

MT Partenaires Ingénierie can help its public and private sector customers choose the co-financing programmes that best suit their projects and needs. In particular, we carry out cross-analyses of local authority action programmes with possible financial instruments.

Co-financing may be European (European Commission calls for projects – LIFE, Horizon Europe, UIA, CEF, etc.) or national (BPi, third-party financing, ADEME heat fund or other, etc.).

  • Cross-analysis of the PCAET action programme and available European funds – Bordeaux Métropole
  • Participation in setting up the ASTRID project as part of the national PIA programme – Aliapur
  • Participation in setting up the ADEME funding project – VESO Concept
  • Strategies for exploiting project results
  • Communication plans (visual identities, websites, newsletters, etc.)
  • Graphic design and development of communication media
  • Animation on social networks
  • Participation in conferences and events
  • Dissemination in France and Europe
  • MT Partenaires Ingénierie is in charge of the Communication and Dissemination work package for the OwnYourSECAP project.
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Energy performance indicators     Energy performance indicators (EPIs) are a way of measuring whether improvements have really been made…

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Advisory services

  • Preparation of Territorial Climate Air Energy Plans (PCAET), mid-term and final evaluations
  • Territoire Engagé Transition Ecologique – Climate Air Energy – TE CAE (formerly Cit’ergie) and Circular Economy – TE ECi – certification processes
  • Climate Plans in Covenant of Mayors format (SECAP) – creation, monitoring and revision
  • Carbon neutrality initiatives
  • Greenhouse gas emissions assessments (BeGES)
    Sustainability approaches (ODD, Agendas 2030, etc.)

  • Strategy development
  • Policy evaluation
  • ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems
  • Assistance with drawing up tender documents and analysing tenders
  • Contract management and monitoring (public service delegations, public-private partnerships, service and works contracts)
  • Assistance with responses to high-stakes invitations to tender
  • Market research
    French and European benchmarking of best practice, experience sharing
  • Conferences and training courses
  • Technical expertise in France and abroad
  • Climate plans in the CoM format (SECAP) – creation, monitoring and revision
  • Assistance with the drafting of SEACAP – sustainable energy access and climate action plans – for the
  • Convention of Mayors of Sub-Saharan Africa – COM SSA, integration of climate aspects into municipal development plans, etc.
  • Technical and public policy expertise in energy, water, waste, mobility, agriculture and forestry, etc.
  • Internal and external communication plans, media plans
  • Technical and institutional communication,
  • Web and print communication
  • Local stakeholder coordination
  • Public consultation

Technical engineering

Our engineering activities

  • Master plans
  • Diagnostics
  • Opportunity or feasibility studies
  • Complex concepts (energy renovation platforms, stakeholder participation, etc.) including organisational, technical and financial aspects
  • Appraisals,
  • Operational monitoring 
  • Pre-project and project studies
  • Tender documents
  • Works supervision
  • Acceptance, commissioning

Our areas of technical expertise :  

  • Water: resources, transport, treatment, distribution
  • Sewerage: collection, purification, sludge treatment
  • Stormwater 
Energy management 
  • Energy optimisation
  • Energy management: technical and behavioural aspects
  • Setting up an energy management system (see ISO 50001)
  • Renewable energy production
Installations and structures
  • Energy generation
  • Non-intermittent renewable energies
  • Electricity, gas and heat networks
  • Smart grids, smart buildings
Electricity and equipment
  • High and low voltage installations,
  • High and low voltage
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Digital simplicity
  • Control and automation systems
  • Supervisors and hypervisors
  • Telecommunications
  • Smart solutions: city platforms with data warehouses, SaaS, MaaS, smart buildings, etc.
Exemples :
  • Participation in the TERSOB study, in charge of digital sobriety for ADEME (French Environment and Energy Management Agency)
  • Digital buildings master plan for Bordeaux Métropole
  • Installation of a supervisor for primary sewerage and rainwater systems – La Rochelle urban planning authority
  • IT systems upgrade master plan for Bordeaux Airport (excluding air navigation)
  • Upgrading the GTC at the Bordeaux Mériadeck ice rink



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